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What Is the Body Love Conference?

The Body Love Conference is a progressive, positive, high-energy event centered on the belief that all people deserve to embrace and love the skin they’re in, right now.

The conference is the first of its kind, the physical manifestation of the growing international Body Love movement: a safe, supportive space where participants can celebrate and inspire themselves and each other to change their world, not their bodies. 2014 was a wild success with over 400 attendees, and it’s happening again! People of all sizes, shapes, shades, ages, sexes, genders, and abilities are invited to join us in Tucson, Arizona for two days of revolutionary lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and movement classes, led by inspiring experts and some of the biggest names in Body Love activism.

Whether you are taking your very first steps towards self-love and acceptance, or are a bonafide Body Love advocate/activist, The Body Love Conference is a life-changer (and world-changer!) you won’t want to miss.

We will be having a regional conference this June in Tucson, Az and then hosting the national/international Body Love Conference in 2016! Join us for both!

Why The Body Love Conference Is Important

Every day we, and the children around us, see nearly 3,000 advertisements, all of which portray a singular representation of what a desirable body looks like. As we read magazines, walk by newsstands, and engage in social media, we are subconsciously reminded that there is only one acceptable way in which to exist. Unfortunately, the chance of us identifying with the socially approved ideal is next to none.

This is a direct extension of a historical marketing scheme that was created to encourage us to purchase perfection—to spend our money chasing an altered, photoshopped, and unachievable goal. While this earns the weight loss and beauty industries billions of dollars every year, the cost is much more than monetary for the rest of us. The majority of modern social ills can be, at least in part, traced back to that simple concept of selling perfection: depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, poor relationship skills, hopelessness—even suicidal tendencies. Talking about this pervasive media message is a crucial step toward a healthier and happier society. We believe the Body Love Conference is a perfect way to extend that conversation to our community and to instigate that change.

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